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Amazon Bestseller Strategies Unveiled

There are four major Amazon bestseller strategies which I discuss in detail in my Amazon Bestseller Course.Assess which Amazon Bestseller Strategy is right for you and discover which Amazon strategies are the most effective in 2016…

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How to get reviews for your book on Amazon

Authors often approach me and ask how to get great book reviews. In fact getting favorable book reviews, especially early in the marketing process, is one of the most important factors for a book’s success in the long run…

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How To Cure Writer’s Block

Recently I thought about ideas on how to cure Writer’s Block. Discover some out-of-the-box ideas by checking out the presentation below. Here are some of my ideas: How to…

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Best Book Promotion Websites 2014

In 2014 I compiled a great presentation on the best book promotion websites. Enjoy and stay tuned for an updated version. Best Book Promotion Websites from Albert Griesmayr

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