There are four major Amazon bestseller strategies which I discuss in detail in my Amazon Bestseller Course.
Assess which Amazon Bestseller Strategy is right for you and discover which Amazon strategies are the most effective in 2016.


Learn about the four major Amazon bestseller strategies

These four strategies are applicable for most writers and will be covered in this course. Apart from that there are a handful more opportunities, such as leveraging Amazon Match or trying to participate in specific Amazon programs, such as Kindle Worlds. However, these strategies are very specific and only valuable for selected writers, so they won’t be covered by this course at the moment.

It’s critical that you choose the Amazon Bestseller Strategy that is right for you depending on your goals as an author.

Two major Amazon Bestseller Strategies are based on Amazon’s KDP Select program, so it’s time to take a closer look at it. Amazon KDP Select is a program that allows writers to run specific types of book promotions while committing to making the digital formats of enrolled books available exclusively through KDP during the entirety of its 90-day enrollment in the program.
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a) Running an Amazon KDP Select free promotion

Running an Amazon KDP Select free promotion allows you to offer any book enrolled in KDP Select free to readers for up to 5 days out of each 90-day KDP Select enrollment period.

You can pick the days when you want to run your free promotions, choosing to go one day at a time or offering your book free for multiple days in a row. For a free promotion to start on any given day, the latest you can wait to schedule it is the day before the start date.

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b) Running an Amazon KDP Select Countdown Deal promotion

Kindle Countdown Deals is a KDP Select benefit allowing authors to run limited-time discount promotions on their books available on and Customers can see the regular price and promotional price on the book’s detail page, and a countdown clock showing how much time is left at the promotional price.

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c) Running no Amazon book promotion at all

Deciding to attack the Amazon Bestseller List without running a specific Amazon price promotion is a valid strategy as well. More and more writers decide on this strategy to increase their sales and communicate the value of their books while staying independent from Amazon or because they simple cannot enroll into Amazon KDP Select because of their publishing houses and print book contracts.

However, landing an Amazon Bestseller without running a price promotion is much more difficult, but it yields high rewards in terms of credibility (“paid list”) and monetization.

Although this course focuses primarily on the two strategies involving Amazon KDP Select price promotions, this course book also teaches you how to make it without these promotions. Fact is however, that you will compete on different Amazon Bestseller Lists, namely the “Top 100 Paid” one. (See Screenshot below)

And on these lists you are starting to compete with the big guys, which make it more difficult to get ranked highly. My recommendation is definitely to avoid the “No Promo” strategy; however I will show you ways on how to win with this strategy as well throughout this course.

Prepare yourself for around 500 books sold in an average day over the course of several days + a very smart master plan including “special bonus offers” + ideal exposure in physical bookstores as well.

d) Using Amazon Pre-Orders

The fourth strategy is the often overlooked “Pre-Order” strategy. Its main function is to create a huge buzz for an upcoming book. If executed well, the buzz allows the writer to generate a lot of pre-orders and/or email signups (contacts) that can be “activated” on launch day to generate a lot of sales and downloads.

Pre-orders are a great and often overlooked Amazon Bestseller Strategy that can be used for new and exciting book releases.

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