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“Authority Book Publishing” isn’t directly about increasing sales. This unique tactic has to do with establishing credibility and influence and helping you reach higher-level business or career goals.

Rather than merely aiming at more sales—something every author wants—you’ll be aiming to show your expertise in a way that enhances your image and ultimately your career.

Having a goal like this can help you straighten out your priorities and save you a lot of headache in terms of publishing and sales.

Your focus will be on launching a strong book with solid content, which will appear on your webpage or social media profiles in ways that add value for readers. You might even distribute it for free in your business marketing activities.

What makes this tactic so powerful? It’s that we as humans are born to follow leaders. We‘re conditioned to recognize authorities and pay attention to what they have to say, whether they’re doctors, scholars, employers, or others in a position of superior knowledge and influence.

Authors belong in that category too. Being an author still carries weight in our society. It shows that you have insight, that you’re qualified to speak on a certain subject.

So find your niche—the area where you have something special or unique to offer—and start writing. If you’re still doubtful that your skills or knowledge can make you a successful author, take this little test: Would you rather buy a service from a business owner who’s published a book on their industry area or one who hasn’t? Wouldn‘t you go with the first? Don’t underestimate the power of writing a book to establish authority!

Examples of Success

Example: Brianna Ruelas

Brianna Ruelas had no idea what to write about. But when she wrote a book about her area of expertise—navigating the music industry—she started raking in $4,000 per month from new clients who came to her for career consulting. Learn more about how she did it by visiting:

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Example: Russell Brunson

Successful entrepreneur Russell Brunson hit gold when he started the company ClickFunnels. What some people don’t know is that his books played a huge part in this journey.

Learn more by watching

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Example: Rob Moore

Rob Moore, an expert on property investing, built the training company Progressive Success. He’s also one of the UK’s leading nonfiction authors. His books feed directly into his business by attracting readers to his free weekend workshops, where, after having already invested time reading his £10 book and attended his seminar, they’re more likely to commit to one of his £2,000 courses. Find out more at

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Remember, this tactic isn’t about making quick money but about proving yourself an authority in a specific niche in order to “qualify leads” (i.e., attract likely customers)—leads who will buy more from you at a later stage. You invest in building your credibility now so that it pays off down the road.

At this point, you need to consider what it is you’ll be offering people in the end. What’s your most expensive package? Personal consulting? An online course? Now, work backwards from that point. Think of the journey you’re taking your audience on and map it out in reverse: start with your most valuable offer and trace your way back to your initial offering—your book.

In real time, you’re going to present the book to prospective buyers (a micro-commitment on their part) and then gradually lead them to more and more expensive offers (bigger commitments). It has to be a gradual process; that’s the only way it will work. Imagine if we’d just met and I asked you for a million dollars. You’d laugh and say I was crazy. Or imagine asking someone to marry you on the first date—they’d probably walk away. Similarly, you need to earn your readers’ trust and commitment over time. Start with a small offer and then lead them to the more valuable offers.

That’s how it works. Now you can get to writing! In Book Marketing Secrets, I talk about how your book is the star. You want to write a quality book, something people will enjoy reading and get value from. Writing can be a challenging process, but if you’ve built up expertise in your field, it’ll be much easier. You’ll be speaking from what you know. If you don’t already have the knowledge to write a book on your subject, it’s time to start learning.

Finally, some practical pointers: Your book will sit at the beginning of your book funnel at a low price, or even for free. Pitch it to people who are likely to be interested using Google ads, Facebook ads, SEO, podcasts, blogs, etc. The book funnel will act as a tripwire to qualify your leads. They’re “qualified” because they’ve shown interest by clicking on the download button or, if the book costs something, by pulling out their credit card to purchase.

As a rule of thumb, out of a thousand people who view the book, fifty will buy. By the time those fifty have finished reading your book, you’ll have convinced them that you know what you’re talking about. They’ve started to trust you, and they’re now more likely to buy your more expensive offers.


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