irresistible book offers
irresistible book offers

Every pro marketer knows that one of the best things you can do to sell your book is make an irresistible book offer.

Ideally your book will already be irresistible—but competition is fierce. You might be up against dozens or even hundreds of books in your category, and it can be difficult to stand out and show the value your book offers.

That’s where the irresistible bonus offer comes in, adding value to the book purchase for prospective buyers and giving you a competitive edge. Classic examples of irresistible bonus offers are companion courses, included memberships, and bonus ebooks.

It’s important not only to have an irresistible bonus offer but also to feature this prominently in your first few pages and in your book descriptions at online retailers like Amazon.

Examples of Success

Example: Albert Griesmayr landing page

You can use a landing page to create an enticing offer. I did this by offering a free read of my books to the first 1,000 persons who joined my book launch team. Thumbnail (February 10, 2020)


Example: Amazon sales page for The Life-Changing Power of Gratitude

Notice how the line “Includes a 3 Month Gratitude Journal” appears in the subtitle on the sales page, instantly attracting prospective buyers. Thumbnail (February 10, 2020)


Example: Amazon sales page for Hacking Sleep Apnea

Again, this sales page shrewdly advertises the bonus in the subtitle: “Includes Bonus 100+ CPAP Comfort Hacks.”

Thumbnail (February 10, 2020)


  • Brainstorm ways to create an irresistible bonus offer with your book. Also, consider whether it will be sustainable and scalable—for example, you won’t be able to offer free coaching calls for every reader, as this will quickly become time-consuming and unprofitable.
  • Some commonly used bonus offers you can use are companion courses, additional ebooks, website memberships, and adding purchasers to an exclusive email list.
  • The perceived value of your bonus offer also matters. I recommend creating a bonus worth at least twice the price of the book. Companion courses become highly attractive for readers when you can offer content with a theoretical value of $37 or more.
  • Finally, make sure your readers actually notice your bonus offer. The best way to do this is to include it in your book description. Another good place to add it is in the first few pages of the book, since potential buyers will see this when they click Amazon’s “Look Inside” preview.


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