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by | May 29, 2020 | Book Launches

Remember, you don’t have to invest $1,000 or more all at once, to push your book launch.

How do you give your book the best chance for success?

First, you hone your craft to be the best writer possible; to write the best book you can. Second, you present your book in the best light with the 7 book marketing keys. Third, you focus all your efforts on the actions that lead to big results (80/20 rule of book publishing).

And fourth, you adopt the lean book publishing method ( to find a product-market fit. Now, it’s time to wear your marketing hat to get the most amount of readers to reach critical mass.

When it comes down to promoting your book, you want to target around 10,000 readers. Following the simple 10% conversion formula, you’ll find that out of 10,000 people that you notify about your book, 1,000 of them will visit your sales page.

Out of those 1,000 people, you can expect 100 people to buy. 100 targeted readers are the least amount of readers needed to have given your book a chance for success.

If you continue the formula, you generally end up with only 10 readers who are brand advocates. Those are readers who sell your book for you. They can’t help but leave positive reviews and tell their friends and family about your awesome book.

Although a generalisation, this simplified formula is typical with clients I have worked with. But, more than that, it indicates the necessity to think big. You can see how a ton of prospects can turn into a small number of readers. The target is at least 10,000 readers. Those 10,000 soon turn into 10.

Also, note that half of the books only get half-read and that having a handful of brand advocates is seldom enough to trigger vitality. Do you see by now how important it is to think big?

Think Like A Marketer

Take a page out of online marketer’s books. People like Russell Brunson, Peter Voogd and Sabri Suby who’ve made 6 figures selling thousands of books.

These entrepreneurs don’t come from the book publishing industry and are not published by big publishing houses. They combine paid advertising with high-converting book sales funnels. And they apply a process that works over and over again.

Make An Investment (and, How Much to Invest)

For your book to succeed, you need to invest in advertising and promotional campaigns. Meaning, you must devote a budget for your book to pay for your marketing campaigns reaching 10,000 targeted readers or more.

As I’ve gone through in my previous article, “How to Sell More Books With Less Effort,” there are a select few marketing channels that will give you the most bang for your buck. How many bucks? Around $1,000 is a typical amount to give your book a true chance to succeed.

Caution: If you’re thinking that if you write it, they will read. That your book will sell on its own – you’re further from the truth. Without investing in having an audience to start with, you will not be able to get enough eyeballs on your book to give it a chance for success.

Book Launch

You need to give your book a large push in the beginning. Like pushing a boulder up a hill that takes a lot of energy and effort. Until you manage to push it over the hump and roll down the hill.

The calculation behind giving your book the chance for success is the secret of marketing to 10,000 readers. But, how much does it cost to reach 10k readers and to do a proper book launch?

These are very simplified numbers. They will vary from book to book and depending on the actual advertising or marketing campaign selected.

Remember, you don’t have to invest $1,000 or more all at once, to push your book launch. You can think lean and divide your advertising amount into several phases. Giving you a chance to learn from your campaigns and also create revenue along the way to fund your expenses.

Ask yourself:

  • Did I give my book a real chance to succeed?
  • Did I invest enough money to get 10k readers (or at least 1k readers) to my book sales page?

If you didn’t, and you believe in your book, come up with ways to get this exposure. Give your book the chance it deserves in the competitive landscape of book publishing.

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