Frequently Asked Questions

Albert, what kind of services are you offering?

I offer one core service, which is “landing a bestseller on Amazon”. You can learn more by visiting my Amazon bestseller program, as well as my Amazon bestseller service.

In addition I offer book marketing consulting. You can get expert advice based on my hourly rate of 50 USD (package of 5 hours for 250 USD, 10 hours for 450 USD and 25 hours for 990 USD).

What are the details on your money back guarantee?

I offer a full money back guarantee for my Amazon bestseller program at the following conditions:

In case you do not land a bestseller on Amazon within 3 months after getting accepted into the program and following the strategy that I have provided to you, I will give you a refund.  As there is no way for me to see that you have not been on the bestseller list in hindsight, I also need to know about when your campaign will be. You need to provide me with this information in advance. In case you book additional services, such as additional consulting hours, help with SEO, paid advertising, etc, there is no money back guarantee on these additional services.

Does this guarantee apply to the Amazon bestseller service as well?
In most cases, I suggest a “success fee” that is only paid out in case bestseller status is reached. However, as I have expenses such as paying for advertising or review services, I can not offer a money-back guarantee.

Additional information: I did not have one single case, of a participant asking for a refund, due to the high quality of the program and the very high success rates.

Please also read the question on “bestseller definition” to understand what the term means and to what description the guarantee is referring to (relevant bestseller list, ranking between 1-100).

Albert, is it possible to get consulting on an hourly basis from you?

Yes it is. I offer consulting in the field of digital book marketing, create book marketing strategies, perform Amazon SEO audits & optimizations, and provide expert answers to frequently asked book marketing questions.

I offer consulting packages (5 hours, 10 hours and 25 hours) at the following conditions: 5 hours for 250 USD, 10 hours for 450 USD and 25 hours for 990 USD.

What does landing a bestseller on Amazon mean and what ranking are you referring to?

There is no absolute definition of a “bestseller”. It only says to “sell in very large numbers” in general. In regards to books, it has become common to name books bestsellers, when they have appeard on a bestseller list, such as the NYT, USA Today or Amazon bestseller list.

According to most book publishing pros in the market, authors can call themselves Amazon Bestselling Author, if their book has appeared on an Amazon Bestselling List. [Ranking: 1-100]

It is also important to note, that Amazon does not publish only one bestseller list. There are dozens of bestseller lists lists, referring to specific book categories, ranging in rank between 1 and 100. 

The goal that I have with my clients is normally to receive a ranking between 1 and 10 on a bestseller list, that is relevant to the category/topic of the book.